AFN-Proximal Femoral Nail


Code No. : AS.AFN.400

Meterial: Titanium


Referance no Dia * Length Referance no Dia * Length Referance no Dia * Length
4T1-40092180 ø 9.0*180 4T1-40011240 ø 11.0*240 4T1-40014180 ø 14.0*180
4T1-40092200 ø 9.0*200 4T1-40011260 ø 11.0*260 4T1-40014200 ø 14.0*200
4T1-40092220 ø 9.0*220 4T1-40011280 ø 11.0*280 4T1-40014220 ø 14.0*220
4T1-40092240 ø 9.0*240 4T1-40012180 ø 12.0*180 4T1-40014240 ø 14.0*240
4T1-40092260 ø 9.0*260 4T1-40012200 ø 12.0*200 4T1-40014260 ø 14.0*260
4T1-40092280 ø 9.0*280 4T1-40012220 ø 12.0*220 4T1-40014280 ø 14.0*280
4T1-40010180 ø 10.0*180 4T1-40012240 ø 12.0*240 4T1-40092300L ø 9.0*300L
4T1-40010200 ø 10.0*200 4T1-40012260 ø 12.0*260 4T1-40092320L ø 9.0*320L
4T1-40010220 ø 10.0*220 4T1-40012280 ø 12.0*280 4T1-40092340L ø 9.0*340L
4T1-40010240 ø 10.0*240 4T1-40013180 ø 13.0*180 4T1-40092360L ø 9.0*360L
4T1-40010260 ø 10.0*260 4T1-40013200 ø 13.0*200 4T1-40092380L ø 9.0*380L
4T1-40010280 ø 10.0*280 4T1-40013220 ø 13.0*220 4T1-40092400L ø 9.0*400L
4T1-40011180 ø 11.0*180 4T1-40013240 ø 13.0*240 4T1-40092420L ø 9.0*420L
4T1-40011200 ø 11.0*200 4T1-40013260 ø 13.0*260 4T1-40092440L ø 9.0*440L
4T1-40011220 ø 11.0*220 4T1-40013280 ø 13.0*280 4T1-40092300R ø 9.0*300R


Referance no Dia * Length Referance no Dia * Length Referance no Dia * Length
4T1-40092320R ø 9.0*320R 4T1-40010440L ø 10.0*440L 4T1-40011420L Ø 11.0*420L
4T1-40092340R ø 9.0*340R 4T1-40010300R ø 10.0*300R 4T1-40011440L Ø 11.0*440L
4T1-40092360R ø 9.0*360R 4T1-40010320R ø 10.0*320R 4T1-40011300R Ø 11.0*300R
4T1-40092380R ø 9.0*380R 4T1-40010340R ø 10.0*340R 4T1-40011320R Ø 11.0*320R
4T1-40092400R ø 9.0*400R 4T1-40010360R ø 10.0*360R 4T1-40011340R Ø 11.0*340R
4T1-40092420R ø 9.0*420R 4T1-40010380R ø 10.0*380R 4T1-40011360R Ø 11.0*360R
4T1-40092440R ø 9.0*440R 4T1-40010400R ø 10.0*400R 4T1-40011380R Ø 11.0*380R
4T1-40092460R ø 9.0*460R 4T1-40010420R ø 10.0*420R 4T1-40011400R Ø 11.0*400R
4T1-40010300L ø 10.0*300L 4T1-40010440R ø 10.0*440R 4T1-40011420R Ø 11.0*420R
4T1-40010320L ø 10.0*320L 4T1-40011300L Ø 11.0*300L 4T1-40011440R Ø 11.0*440R
4T1-40010340L ø 10.0*340L 4T1-40011320L Ø 11.0*320L 4T1-40012300L Ø 12.0*300L
4T1-40010360L ø 10.0*360L 4T1-40011340L Ø 11.0*340L 4T1-40012320L Ø 12.0*320L
4T1-40010380L ø 10.0*380L 4T1-40011360L Ø 11.0*360L 4T1-40012340L Ø 12.0*340L
4T1-40010400L ø 10.0*400L 4T1-40011380L Ø 11.0*380L 4T1-40012360L Ø 12.0*360L
4T1-40010420L ø 10.0*420L 4T1-40011400L Ø 11.0*400L 4T1-40012380L Ø 12.0*380L


Referance no Dia * Length Referance no Dia * Length Referance no Dia * Length
4T1-40012400L Ø 12.0*400L 4T1-40013380L Ø 13.0*380L 4T1-40014360L Ø 14.0*360L
4T1-40012420L Ø 12.0*420L 4T1-40013400L Ø 13.0*400L 4T1-40014380L Ø 14.0*380L
4T1-40012440L Ø 12.0*440L 4T1-40013420L Ø 13.0*420L 4T1-40014400L Ø 14.0*400L
4T1-40012300R Ø 12.0*300R 4T1-40013440L Ø 13.0*440L 4T1-40014420L Ø 14.0*420L
4T1-40012320R Ø 12.0*320R 4T1-40013300R Ø 13.0*300R 4T1-40014440L Ø 14.0*440L
4T1-40012340R Ø 12.0*340R 4T1-40013320R Ø 13.0*320R 4T1-40014300R Ø 14.0*300R
4T1-40012360R Ø 12.0*360R 4T1-40013340R Ø 13.0*340R 4T1-40014320R Ø 14.0*320R
4T1-40012380R Ø 12.0*380R 4T1-40013360R Ø 13.0*360R 4T1-40014340R Ø 14.0*340R
4T1-40012400R Ø 12.0*400R 4T1-40013380R Ø 13.0*380R 4T1-40014360R Ø 14.0*360R
4T1-40012420R Ø 12.0*420R 4T1-40013400R Ø 13.0*400R 4T1-40014380R Ø 14.0*380R
4T1-40012440R Ø 12.0*440R 4T1-40013420R Ø 13.0*420R 4T1-40014400R Ø 14.0*400R
4T1-40013300L Ø 13.0*300L 4T1-40013440R Ø 13.0*440R 4T1-40014420R Ø 14.0*420R
4T1-40013320L Ø 13.0*320L 4T1-40014300L Ø 14.0*300L 4T1-40014440R Ø 14.0*440R
4T1-40013340L Ø 13.0*340L 4T1-40014320L Ø 14.0*320L    
4T1-40013360L Ø 13.0*360L 4T1-40014340L Ø 14.0*340L    


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